About us

Do you love to eat and drink well? So do we!
That's why we opened our first store in Zagreb, in Tesla Street, in 2007. We opened the store because nowhere in Croatia could we find the delicacies we were looking for. To buy good pralines, we had to drive at least to Vienna, which is simply not practical. We did a little research and found out that we were not alone, and that there are a whole legion of sweets and gourmets throughout Croatia who love fine things just like us.
We filled our store with top chocolates, the best pralines, renowned wines and named it DELIIICIJE.
Why three „i“ in DELIIICIJE, you ask? Because that's how we pronounce it - with emotion, with joy, „con gusto“ as the Italians would say.
One by one store and we already have over 20 stores in 6 cities.  
In our stores, you can find only things that we like and believe in. We have world-famous suppliers like Lindt, Walkers and Twinings. But we also have small suppliers who make their edible works of art in limited quantities, like Valrhona, Casanova and Quarante.
Don't like sweets? 
We work with the best domestic winemakers and oil makers. We have Croatian olive oil Golden drop, which is even recognized and awarded as a world-quality oil in distant Tokyo and Milan.
We have truffles in all shapes; ajvar and sauces; we have stuffed olives and fine French pates. We told you we love to eat well. :-)
If all this food listing gives you cravings, check out our web shop. Stop by one of our stores. Get inspired, pamper yourself; give something to yourself or to the person you love or want to impress.
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