About us

Deliiicije is not a business – it’s a passion. You know how they say: if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. And we love food!
Deliiicije is a wonderland for gourmands. Everything in our stores was personally tried (and loved!) by us. It’s a collection of our favourite things.
Among other things, we believe you don’t really know a country, until you’ve tried its food. Love goes through the stomach!
Croatia is a small, but diverse country - as is its gourmet scene. Tourist guides will show you sights of Croatia, but if you want to taste Croatia, you must stop by Deliiicije.
In our stores, you can find Adria products. Adria brand brings the flavours of Croatia to your table. How does Croatia taste then?
It tastes sweet like ripe figs and juicy oranges, which we use to make jams, cakes and liqueurs. It tastes aromatic, like lavender which we add to our chocolate and biscuits. It tastes like dark chocolate and bitter rakija liqueur and spicy chutneys.
Intrigued? Curious? Hungry? :)

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The most beautiful Croatian story

Adria products
The driving force behind Adria products was the desire to bring traditional Croatian sweets back to life. We used old recipes and Mediterranean ingredients, blending them together in unique and delicious treats.

We recreated the famous pepper-and-honey biscuit (paprenjak). They are sweet, but the spicy aftertaste will leave your mouth tingling, and wanting more.

Then there are fig cakes (better known as “smokvenjak”). When you hear „cake“, you probably think of something chocolatey, maybe creamy, and definitely fattening.
However, when we say cake, we mean fruity, chewy, and completely healthy. J
Our fig cakes have no added sugars, no artificial colourings or flavours. It pure fruity goodness! Fig cakes goes especially well with wine, cheese and sliced meats.

Adria chocolates are not comfort food. They are a challenge to traditional chocolates, with their unique blend of flavours. They are dark, but not bitter, and they come in a variety of different flavours: lavender, fleur de sel, carob, pine nuts, orange, red pepper and truffles.

Not a fan sweets? Try truffles – the crown jewels of haute cuisine. Add them to your pasta dishes and sauces, and find out why all the top chefs in the world adore truffles.
Or try ajvar, Croatian take on chutneys. It is full of delicious, healthy ingredients, and it is hand-made. Add ajvar to your meat and cheese platters, or to your barbecue.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Croatia, eat as the Croats do!


Jelly candies, candied fruit, lollipops
Biscuits, cakes
Chocolates, pralines
Fig cakes
Adria delight (lokum)
Spreads, marmalades
Truffles, oils
Pickled vegetables
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Lokacije poslovnica